Quality assurance

There are several quality requirements to satisfy when manufacturing high quality sea products. Our defined quality policy is the superior management tool of our Quality Assurance System (QAS)

Quality policy

Every staff member in LM Trading AS must understand and identify with his role within the company's quality policy and its objectives.

High class workmanship and collective and individual conscientiousness will result in satisfying the customers' requirements and expectations.

We will manufacture and deliver sea products within a level of quality to consolidate the customers' contentment and confidence.

To maintain and pursue our TQM system, the management will provide for continious learning amongst staff members and improvements in both production and our end products.

TQM - Total Quality Management

Pinpointing internal and external requirements allows us to continuously improve, develop, and maintain quality, cost, delivery, and morale. Our TQM system integrates all of this activity and information.

Raw Materials Inspection Services

Our production is supervised by the national Raw Materials Inspection Services.

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